23 January 2010

Guests say the darndest things

We've been in Rome now for a few days and all's going along well (if you don't count the little hiccup at the beginning when we thought for a few hours that our accommodation rental had been a scam and that we had been swindled out of a deposit and left homeless for a week - but that's another story). We've been doing the rounds of the museums and the churches, which are practically empty of tourists and so very enjoyable. We've even seen not too many bus loads of Chinese travellers, although we did yesterday come across one such tour party in the Colosseum; the members of the party were each carrying a selection of gift shop bags from the various places they had visited that day - the Vatican Museums, the Villa Borghese, the Capitoline Museums and the Forum. How on earth they managed to do all of the before lunch amazes me.

Speaking of the Capitoline Museums, we also visited them yesterday afternoon. At the end of our visit we cam across the museum's guest book and had a bit of fun reading through the comments left by previous guests. One unfortunate sod, clearly tired and emotional and a little bit confused had written:

Capitoline Museum - it is NOT ALLOWED for you to charge so much entry fee and not have a prospect available in English!! You have not prospects in my language in any case but I speak English and you should have prospect in that language!!!! I have been lost in the museum trying to find DAVID!!!

Aside from the dubious claim that this chap 'speaks English', I'm worried that he spend an afternoon wandering around the museum trying to find a sculpture that's in Florence.

Equally amusing was another comment that described the Capitoline Museum's collection of classical Roman statuary and busts with particularly Australian eloquence:

The Raes of Ballina, Australia - Great museum - Bust city!
Stacey, Kev and Tracey 21.1.2010

Too right. Bust city.

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